Case Studies

Case Studies

Connecting LeafGuard Gutters From Different Elevations
On the backside of the home, there is two different roof elevations. Customer did not want a downspout on the right side, and wanted water run off to drain on the left side...
Keeping Water out of your Basement with Gutters and Downspouts
The customer was having issues with water in their basement. Due to elevation issues and no gutters, the water wasn't being adequately drained away from the home, causing...
Snow Guards For Metal Roof
What Are Snow Guards? Snow Guards are devices used on a steel or metal roof to retain snow and allow for it to fall down or melt in a controlled and restrained manner, rather...
Rain Barrels
The homeowner wanted to capture water coming from the downspout installed by the third stall of their garage utilizing a rain barrel.   
Zulawski's LeafGuard Gutter Project
This gorgeous log home in Oak Park, MN, received a major upgrade with the LeafGuard Gutter System! Before tackling such a big project, there were a few things that needed...
LeafGuard on Multiple Roof Elevations
The property has three roof elevations in close proximity, making downspout placement difficult- but still necessary to protect the home from water runoff.   
Flashing for Gutters
Due to the design of this new two story home, we needed to install flashing to ensure that water would run into, through the gutter and into the downspout, and not behind...
Gutters On Different Roof Elevations
Customers contacted LeafGuard after building a patio on their home. They needed to keep water away, avoiding any settling and deterioration of the new pavers. The house has...
Cutting into Rain Gutters
It is common for split level homes to have different roof elevations above one another. Finding placement for downspouts can be a challenge. 
Gutter Services St. Cloud Minnesota
This residential home in St. Cloud has an L shaped entryway with two roof elevations in close proximity, and a concrete walk way below. Concrete is porous and constant water...
Seamless RainPro Gutters - Custom Installation on Townhomes in Sartell MN
Property owner contacted LeafGuard Gutters for a gutter solution on his Townhomes located in Sartell Minnesota. This particular structer has gable ends on the front of the...
Custom Downspout into Rain Barrel Flower Pot in Rice, MN
Customer wanted a custom downspout to go into their rain barrel flower pot.
Soffit & Fascia Replacement
Customer contacted LeafGuard Gutters of St. Cloud with concerns of rotted soffit/fascia and to replace their clogged steel gutters. Upon arrival, Kevin (our sales representative)...
LeafGuard Installed on Lake Home in Deerwood Minnesota
This Lake Home located in Deerwood had K Style gutters installed on a few sections of the home. Standard K Style gutters clog from debris and overflow in heavy rains. The...
Adding Gutters to Porch Addition
A past customer of ours in East Gull Lake built a screened in porch and called us to install LeafGuard® gutters to the new addition. Since there are now two different...
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