LeafGuard Gutters of St. Cloud Case Studies: Zulawski’s LeafGuard Gutter Project


This gorgeous log home in Oak Park, MN, received a major upgrade with the LeafGuard Gutter System! Before tackling such a big project, there were a few things that needed to be considered.

The home has an angled fascia which doesn’t offer a flat and secure foundation for any gutter system to be attached to.

One portion of the home has an octagon roofline, with a lot of angles for the gutters to follow.

Under the octagon roofline, is a wood deck. Constant moisture or standing water on wood can eventually lead to warping, rotting, deterioration, and potentially costly repairs!




With the use of our patented LeafGuard gutters and accessories, our technicians were able to install a custom fit to the home and properly defend the home from moisture exposure.

Before hanging LeafGuard gutters on the home, our technicians fitted the fascia boards with aluminum custom bent j-channel. J-channel is exactly what it sounds like; a length of aluminum bent into the shape of the letter J. It is anchored to the fascia and creates a flat stable surface for the gutters to be received and attached to. After installing the j-channel- the roofline was ready for the gutters to be securely installed.

Following the roof angles, our LeafGuard strip miters hand-cut to the perfect size and installed on the turns; to interlink the gutters seamlessly while remaining water-tight!

Ensuring that water was kept off the wood deck while keeping walkways clear, the downspout was brought down to the ground through a pre-cut hole in the deck boards. The 9′ extension was inserted into the previously installed underground drain tile. Water run-off is dispelled from the trough to the downspout and dispersed through the drain tile.

The homeowners are ecstatic with the clean look and peace of mind their home is protected from water damage for many years to come!

LeafGuard gutters are custom cut and delivered on-site. Offering dependable solutions to almost any home design. Call now for your free quote and see what the amazing benefits of LeafGuard gutters can offer you and your family!

Pictured is LeafGuard gutters installed along an octagon roofline with downspouts ran under the deck, into underground drain tile, to dispel water from the troughs and far from the home foundation.
LeafGuard Gutters and downspouts installed onto the porch roofline
A section of LeafGuard gutter on the side of the home with a downspout installed into the drain tile.

“I was impressed with the product and VERY impressed with their crews! Great job LeafGuard!!”

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“New gutters do a phenomenal job of capturing water and keeping leaves out. The installation crew that stopped out were fantastic and very professional! ”

“Sabrina was so helpful finding a good time for someone to come give me an estimate. She gave me a small timeframe to expect their rep and Jay showed up as expected. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me how LeafGuard would solve my problems. I can’t wait to have my new gutters installed!”

“We were not at home when our gutters were installed. We couldn't even tell they had been there - perfect cleanup. The salesman was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. Excellent product and previous experience with the installers is what made us choose LeafGuard again.”

“The gutters really compliment my home exterior. LeafGuard was able to match the color of the gutters to my fascia and downspouts to my siding.”

“My friend had a great experience with LeafGuard so I decided to call and book an appointment. I have a lot of trees in my yard and was sold on the fact I would never have to clean my gutters again. They also have an awesome referral program; my friend got $50.00 for referring me!”

“I was impressed with the product and VERY impressed with their crews! Great job LeafGuard!!”

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