25th Annual Sartell Summerfest Parade

We had so much fun passing out candy at the 2017 Sartell Summerfest Parade! We had a few units; the LeafGuard Gutter PUG and a Minnesota Home Improvements truck pulling a Grandview Building portable shed. Make sure to check out what other upcoming 2017 parades …

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What is the purpose of Splash Guards

Splash guards or deflectors, prevent water overshooting your gutters during a heavy rain and are typically installed at roof valleys or turns (where miters are installed). They help slow down the water flow and routes it into the gutter trough. Deflectors are made out of thick aluminum …

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LeafGuard Team Building

We at LeafGuard Gutters believe we are only as good as our next teammate. It is important for us to include team building in fun atmosphere. We have found it boosts productivity and moral. Here our motley crew spent a day at the go kart …

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2019 LeafGuard Holiday Party

We had many games and prizes through out the night. A food drive for the local food shelf was held and was a great turn out for donations! Friends and co workers played around in the photo booth, too. Here a some snippets from the …

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2019 Candy Cane Parade

The 2019 Candy Cane Parade was a day filled with family fun and cheer! During the day Santa was at The Hideaway taking pictures with the kids. Everyone enjoyed hot chocolate, hot dogs, and a fire pit for marshmallow roasting. Kids also were able to …

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2019 Sartell Summerfest

The LeafGuard® crew was out and about at the 2019 Sartell Summerfest Parade! Of course Nutty the LeafGuard® Squirrel had to make an appearance for the kids! Everyone had a great time and plenty of cavities formed from all the candy that was thrown! OUR …

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Splash Blocks

Splash blocks are a gutter accessory placed at the bottom of downspouts to assist water flow in one direction away from your property. It helps protect the house’s foundation from water damage and prevents unsightly mud stains on the exterior. They are also a good …

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Joe Town Rocks!

Nutty the LeafGuard® Squirrel made an appearance at the 2019 St. Joseph Community Showcase and was a big hit with the kiddos! Make sure to check out our homeshow page to see what other events Nutty may be sneaking into!

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LeafGuard Gutters on Bay Lake in Deerwood Minnesota

The Brainerd area is known for it’s gorgeous lake homes and beautifully woooded landscape. In an area with so many trees, debris filled gutters is a constant problem. When this customer bought their 2nd home on Bay Lake, they knew they didn’t want to spend …

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