What is the purpose of Splash Guards

May 28, 2020

23' Section of LeafGuard gutters and one high volume downspout installed on front entry. Two deflectors were installed at the end of the roof valleys to prevent water overshooting the gutters.

Splash guards or deflectors, prevent water overshooting your gutters during a heavy rain and are typically installed at roof valleys or turns (where miters are installed). They help slow down the water flow and routes it into the gutter trough. Deflectors are made out of thick aluminum and bent at a 90 degree angle. Our technicians attach them with screws just above the gutter trough.

Copious amounts of water funnel down roof valleys and turns at very high speeds and can cause water to overshoot any gutter system. Overshooting of gutters can lead to landscaping washouts or erosion and soaks your home foundation. Depending if the home has a basement or egress windows, water could possibly enter, causing costly damage.

Pictured above is a complete LeafGuard® Gutter System installation in Monticello Minnesota. The front entry has two valleys where our technicians installed two separate splash guards for maximum efficiency and a controlled water flow. Water is guided to the gutter trough and is dispelled through the high volume downspout away from the home and foundation.

Project completed May 2020.

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