LeafGuard gutters prevent large debris from clogging your gutter systemSay Goodbye to Clogs and Cleaning with Advanced Seamless Gutters for Homes in St. Cloud, MN

Gutters are a very important part of your home’s water management system. It’s their responsibility to guide rainwater off your roof and away from the base of your home to prevent damage to your foundation and landscaping. However, when it comes to household gutters, the first thing most people think of is tiresome maintenance and the ever-dreaded job of cleaning out clogged debris by hand. Nobody enjoys spending a day on a ladder trying to clear their gutters, and that’s why advancements in gutter design are so exciting. Both seamless gutters and gutter covers are useful enhancements, but each leave room for improvement—which is where LeafGuard® gutters shine above.  At LeafGuard of St. Cloud, we’re proud to offer uniquely designed gutters that combine the benefits of advanced seamless gutters and gutter protection to eliminate clogs once and for all.

Why Are LeafGuard Gutters So Unique?

LeafGuard gutters work by combining two primary features—seamless gutters and a protective shield. The seamless design means that the gutters are one piece without overlapping seams, which can develop leaks or trap debris and lead to a clog. The protective shield prevents leaves, dirt, and other debris from entering the gutters in the first place. Unlike mesh or slotted shields, which are subject to damage and still often let in small particles, our shields work on the principle of water adhesion. You may have noticed this principle at work when water clings to the hood of your car as it runs off. The curvature of the shield directs water into the gutter trough and solid debris falls harmlessly to the ground. Additionally, we construct our advanced seamless gutters and downspouts to be wider and thicker than the industry standard, so more rainfall can be transported away from the building.

Gutters Built with Rugged Durability in Mind

LeafGuard brand gutters are a quality exterior fixture built to last. They can handle the toughest conditions, thanks to:

  • Rock-solid aluminum construction that is 20% thicker than industry standard
  • Downspouts that are 30% larger than industry standard to handle heavier rainfall
  • Extra-wide troughs that can handle up to 32 inches of rainfall per hour
  • Long-lasting ScratchGuard paint coating to prevent cracking, chipping, denting, and peeling
  • A non-penetrative roof mounting system to prevent causing leaks or voiding roof warranties

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“The gutters really compliment my home exterior. LeafGuard was able to match the color of the gutters to my fascia and downspouts to my siding.”

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“We were not at home when our gutters were installed. We couldn't even tell they had been there - perfect cleanup. The salesman was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. Excellent product and previous experience with the installers is what made us choose LeafGuard again.”

“My friend had a great experience with LeafGuard so I decided to call and book an appointment. I have a lot of trees in my yard and was sold on the fact I would never have to clean my gutters again. They also have an awesome referral program; my friend got $50.00 for referring me!”

“New gutters do a phenomenal job of capturing water and keeping leaves out. The installation crew that stopped out were fantastic and very professional! ”

“The gutters really compliment my home exterior. LeafGuard was able to match the color of the gutters to my fascia and downspouts to my siding.”

“I was impressed with the product and VERY impressed with their crews! Great job LeafGuard!!”

“Sabrina was so helpful finding a good time for someone to come give me an estimate. She gave me a small timeframe to expect their rep and Jay showed up as expected. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to me how LeafGuard would solve my problems. I can’t wait to have my new gutters installed!”

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