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Seamless Gutters Case Studies: Rain Barrels

Thursday, May 21st, 2020 by Sabrina Pincombe


The homeowner wanted to capture water coming from the downspout installed by the third stall of their garage utilizing a rain barrel. 



Our LeafGuard® Gutter Technicians, Craig & Tanner, constructed a custom tip-up downspout by first installing a LeafGuard® big mouth adapter at the bottom of the gutter trough. The big mouth adapted allows for a bigger opening when inserting downspouts. A LeafGuard® B elbow was used to turn the cross arms towards the siding with a 3' LeafGuard® downspout extension. Another B elbow was used to chain the cross arm to the LeafGuard® Y adapter.  A Y adapted is used to interlink two downspouts into one. 

The Y adapted has two openings. In one end, a flex hose (came with rain barrel) was inserted to connect the adapter, to the rain barrel. Water funnels out the LeafGuard® Gutter trough, through the downspout and into the rain barrel. In the other opening of the Y adapter, a 6' LeafGuard® downspout extension was inserted and a LeafGuard® A hinge kicker was installed to make the 3' downspout extension flip up. When the homeowner needs to perform yard maintenance or during the winter months when the rain barrel is not being used, they can easily tip and clip the extension out of the way!

Project completed in May of 2020.  

Project Summary

Call Representative: Sabrina Pincombe

Sales Representative: Kevin Feldewerd

Gutter Technician: Craig Timp

Gutter Technician: Tanner Paul-Hoheisel

Products Used: LeafGuard® Gutters

Products Used: LeafGuard® High Volume Downspouts

Products Used: LeafGuard® A Elbows

Products Used: LeafGuard® B Elbows

Products Used: LeafGuard® Y Adapter

Products Used: LeafGuard® A Hinge Kicker

Products Used: LeafGuard® Big Mouth Adapter

Products Used: Rain Barrel

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