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Seamless Gutters Case Studies: LeafGuard on Multiple Roof Elevations

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 by Sabrina Pincombe


The property has three roof elevations in close proximity, making downspout placement difficult- but still necessary to protect the home from water runoff. 



Our technicians installed three sections of LeafGuard gutters separately on all roof lines.

Custom downspout extensions and a combination of A & B elbows were used to interlink the highest run down to the lowest elevation. Water that is captured by the highest gutter trough, moves through the downspout extensions to lower roofline troughs, and dispelled from the oversized 3x4 downspout; away from the home foundation. 

The LeafGuard gutter system boasts patented accessories allowing custom cut installations, like the one pictured, for a completely watertight system that adds curb appeal!

Project Summary

Call Representative: Beth Ahner

Sales Representative: Brian Abraham

Gutter Technician: Spencer Oellien

Gutter Technician: Kevin Singh

Product Used: LeafGuard Gutters

Product Used: LeafGuard Downspouts

Product Used: A & B Elbows

Products Used: Big Mouth Adapters

Products Used: In-Line Valleys (Valley Splash Guards)

Products Used: Inside Miters

Products Used: Hinge Kickers

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