Metal roof fitted with snow rails

Protect Your Loved Ones and Your St. Cloud Area Home with Snow Rails

Snow rails, also referred to as snow guards or stops, are short, metal devices attached to steel roofs to retain snowfall and allow it to fall or melt in a controlled manner. As a homeowner in the St. Cloud, Minnesota, area, you have likely seen the havoc that snow and ice can create after a storm. Large amounts of snow deposited on a roof can quickly become a safety hazard for your loved ones, pets, and property should it cascade down all at once.

During a typical Minnesota winter storm, snow will collect very quickly on your roof. However, even as the cooler outdoor air allows snow to build up, the heat from your attic will melt the inner most portion of snow, creating a slick surface for the buildup to slide upon. If you have a metal roof, snow is much more likely to slide off the surface in the form of a “roof avalanche”, especially on roofs with a steeper pitch. For this reason, snow rails are a valuable protective measure to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

How are Snow Rails Installed?

Snow rails come in many shapes and forms, but the principle of their design remains the same. Snow rails will be attached to your roof either through the use of adhesive or clamps, most commonly in a staggered pattern. The reason snow rails are staggered is to more effectively break up large snow deposits so that they can melt and release in a controlled manner without large deposits being concentrated in one area.

The Best Gutter and Snow Rail Installation Company in Minnesota

As the area’s leading gutter company, LeafGuard® of St. Cloud can handle any installation, including the addition of snow rails. For Minnesota homeowners, we also recommend the installation of our highly advanced LeafGuard® gutter system along with your snow rails. The rugged .032 gauge aluminum and wide troughs of our gutters are built to handle precipitation of any kind, including snow! We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise, and back our installation with a lifetime workmanship warranty which includes damage from ice or snow. To learn more about our snow rails and gutter products and services, contact LeafGuard of St. Cloud today.

“New gutters do a phenomenal job of capturing water and keeping leaves out. The installation crew that stopped out were fantastic and very professional!”

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“New gutters do a phenomenal job of capturing water and keeping leaves out. The installation crew that stopped out were fantastic and very professional! ”

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